Las Vegas Sign USA Cake Topper (1x7.5" & 6x2")

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High quality cake topper printed on either wafer paper or icing sheet.

Printed on either rice/wafer paper or thicker icing/decor paper, in high quality edible ink made to EU food standards.

Please Note: The cake topper is not pre-cut. You will need to cut the topper out yourself using a clean pair of scissors (if this is required).

This topper is ideal for a cake you have baked yourself, or bought off the shelf at most leading supermarkets. We send you full instructions on how to stick the topper to your blank cake, and make it look like a professional made it. The toppers work best on a white or light background.

Rice/wafer paper: dissolves in water but not on icing so it will not blend into the surface of an iced cake. You simply lay a wafer paper topper onto your cake. As a result, wafer paper may be noticeable when cutting or eating the cake. Wafer paper also has a tendency to curl or wrinkle when refrigerated or placed on moist cakes. Unlike icing paper, wafer paper has no plastic backing to peel away and it requires your images to be cut out individually, unless you have a full size sheet image of course. Wafer paper can be cut to desired shapes and sizes.

Icing/decor paper: is not really paper but thin layers of icing that have been pressed onto a flexible plastic backing. Icing/decor paper is the preferred form of 'edible paper' for use on cakes. Edible images printed onto icing paper will have more vibrant colour and crisper lines than those printed onto wafer paper. Icing paper also blends into the iced surface of a cake absorbing the taste and colour of whatever is underneath. Because of this, most icing types are suitable to use underneath this product including butter cream, royal icing, glaced icing, fondant icing and fresh cream. Icing paper come in many different shapes and sizes or can be cut to desired shapes and sizes using a craft knife.

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